Tips for Advanced Level Spring Cleaning!

SPRING-CLEANING   Spring is in the air! Finally! And after the winter we’ve had, it is probably time to do a little spring cleaning. Here are some things to think about beyond the usual washing and tossing.

Outside Cleaning

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  1. Gutters and Downspouts. Make sure they are clear of debris. You want the spring rains to flow freely.
  2. Roof, Siding, Trim. Check for any broken or missing shingles or other damage. Also check siding and trim for loose nails and any rot, brick and stucco for any crumbling or deteriorating mortar.
  3. Hose. If you left it out, and even if you didn’t, check for rot or holes. Also check the faucet to make sure there was no freeze damage.
  4. Yard. Cut back any shrubbery, or dead foliage. Remove tree limbs or other debris from yard and roof. Pull any damp firewood away from the house to keep out those little critters.
  5. Sidewalks and Driveway. Check for cracks and holes for repair.
  6. Windows and Doors. Get ready to switch out storm windows and doors for screens by checking screens for holes or rips. Then label and store storms.
  7. Lighting. Replace any outdoor bulbs that aren’t working and consider adding some solar-powered lighting.
  8. Patio and Deck. Clean, fix, get the furniture ready. Think about a good power wash.
  9. Grill. Clean the outside and scrub the inside.
  10. Landscaping. Make a plan and buy some mulch!
  11. And how about a new doormat?

Inside Cleaning


  1. Air-conditioner. Check the air-conditioning now and make sure it’s functional before you actually need it, and replace the filter.
  2. Ceiling Fans. While you’re doing your spring dusting, don’t miss the fans. Make sure they are functional.
  3. Bedding. Did you store the spring bedding without getting them cleaned? Well, now would be the time to get it done. A good time to flip the mattress too.
  4. Basement. Check the walls and floor for any new cracks or leaks.
  5. Humidifier. Be sure to empty all the water and clean thoroughly before storing.
  6. Carpets. After trekking in all the snow and salt, give your carpets a good cleaning with a steam cleaner. You can call in a service or buy or rent one.
  7. Smoke Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Filters. While you are checking on everything else, you might as well make it the time to change batteries in the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and dust them off, change your furnace filter, and check and/or replace fire extinguishers.
  8. And might as well get that fireplace cleaned now rather than waiting until next fall.
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