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Just Ducky Errands Now Offering Group Rates

good neighbor award

Just Ducky always strives to be affordable. We also love to help build community. So we have come up with a way to do both. With group rates, we hope to offer our services while reducing your costs. So make a few new friends in the neighborhood or help out the ones you already have. […]

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Ann Arbor Area TaskRabbit


Recently a lot of our new clients have said that they found Just Ducky because they were looking for something similar to TaskRabbit in Ann Arbor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Task Rabbit, it is a company located in larger cities that vets “runners” or “taskers” to whom you can outsource small […]

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How to Make Running Errands with Young Children Tolerable

store tantrum

There’s just no getting around it–sometimes you just have to run those errands with the kids. If you are one of those super-moms who enjoy it, hats of to you (no sarcasm intended). But for most of us, dragging whining kids around the Ann Arbor area is really no fun. Here are some ways you […]

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Back-to-School Blues?

back to school shopping

    It’s that time of year again! Ann Arbor area students will all be back to school within a few weeks. Do you have the back-to-school blues? Stressed about getting it all done before the first day? Or worried about how it’s all going to get done once school starts?  Here are some ways […]

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Babies! Babies! Babies!

New Mom

If there is one thing I absolutely love (besides duckies that is), it’s babies! I spent 5 wonderful years working at the Ann Arbor Lamaze Family Center facilitating childbirth classes and mom’s groups. And I co-owned and operated the local children’s resale store, Grow With Me for 3 years. I also have 2 children of […]

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A Little Extra Help for Ann Arbor Area Seniors and Their Families

senior with grandbaby

My grandmother is 89 years old. She lives in an assisted living facility and has a Visiting Angel companion that comes six afternoons a week. She did not want either of these. Nor did she want to give up her car. It has been a slow process and we (her family) have tried to balance […]

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