Senior Services

Just Ducky knows that seniors and their caregivers have specialized needs. Just Ducky’s Senior Services are designed to help meet some of those needs and can be tailored to each individual.

Seniors 65 and over will receive a 15% discount on all Just Ducky services. Our Senior Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Run Errands and do shopping

  • Arrange for and oversee household repairs, housekeeping service, grounds maintenance, delivered meals

  • Assist with preparing the house and car for visiting grandbabies

  • Schedule appointments

  • Arrange for transportation to/from appointments (Just Ducky Errands cannot drive clients)

  • Assist with holiday planning and purchase, wrap and mail gifts

  • Teach how to use and/or assist with computer, internet, and cell phones

  • Assist with mail ¬†and bill payments

  • Sincere companionship–go for walks, read, play cards

  • Assist with researching and locating in-home nursing care, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes

  • Personalized contact through telephone check-in