Just Ducky Errands Now Offering Group Rates

good neighbor awardJust Ducky always strives to be affordable. We also love to help build community. So we have come up with a way to do both. With group rates, we hope to offer our services while reducing your costs. So make a few new friends in the neighborhood or help out the ones you already have. It’s simple:

  1. Find one to four neighbors that need errands done on the same day
  2. Send us an email/s with each household’s errand list along with names, phone numbers, and addresses, or have each household fill out one of our shopping forms that can be found on the Forms page on our website, along with a service agreement
  3. Just Ducky will do any pick-ups and drop-offs necessary for each household
  4. And you have just saved time for yourself and your neighbors earning yourself a good neighbor award!


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