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To-do-list-300x198Recently a lot of our new clients have said that they found Just Ducky because they were looking for something similar to TaskRabbit in Ann Arbor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Task Rabbit, it is a company located in larger cities that vets “runners” or “taskers” to whom you can outsource small jobs and errands. To date, they are available in 19 cities.

Just Ducky Errands is not a TaskRabbit subsidiary and does not run the same way. Just Ducky does not have a whole crew of “taskers.” Now there are some drawbacks to that: there are certain tasks that I just cannot do, such as moving heavy items and chauffeuring; and there are certain tasks I won’t do, such as cleaning—I really hate to clean! But what Just Ducky does have is a dedicated owner and operator who has lived in the Ann Arbor Area for 12 years and who you can trust to do the absolute best job possible every single time. And if you need someone to clean or move your stuff, Just Ducky is more than happy to help you find that someone.

So although we don’t have TaskRabbit in Ann Arbor, if you are tired of multitasking and you are too busy to get it all done or you just want to spend the time you have doing more important things, contact Just Ducky and let me worry about getting all your ducks in a row!


Marni Hochman, Owner & Operator

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